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Hi All I'm back and ready to blog about our super cool adventure our company has taken on. 

We are doing Lash extensions and I absolutely can not say enough good things about it.           

        It is so easy first off that all I do is put some of my face on or jazz it up and literally put no mascara on and it looks like I have eyelashes for days.  I also don't wear makeup on my days off and seriously I  feel so pretty!

         It just has a super beautiful look about it and is so beautifully natural looking. If you have lost lashes or want more with not putting anything on your eyes daily it is totally something you should look into.    Our Lash artists are so good at what they do and have your best interest at hand with the best products possible.  Toki and Sam are available days and nights so please feel free to call or email us with any questions you want answered and we would be happy to help.  Thanks again for all of your love and continued support.  

Yours Truly, 

Lynn Hanson

And don't forget to take a deep breath of hair:)

Top 5 best sellers.

#1 One United (A.K.A 25 benefits):  This is our top seller it does exactly what it says,  gives you 25 benefits to nourish, protect and strengthen your hair while still keeping it manageable without a heavy product feel. Its a nice all in one product for the people that don't like to fuss and want a quick leave in option.

#2 Guts #10: This is a spray mousse  is meant to give you a direct spray where you want the volume and lift.  Guts is a medium hold and is very airy feeling.  Guts does not weigh your hair down and makes any texture hair have the volume you want!

#3 Dimond oil Glow Dry:   This oil is not like any other oil, this oil is a leave in treatment or a styling aid for after you dry.  This oil doesn't just sit topically it absorbs into the cuticle repairing and leaving the hair soft and silky smooth.  YES this oil is even good for super fine hair guests!

#4 Dry Shampoo Paste: This is the most amazing dry styling aid out there. Not only is it for the finest of fine hair, but it stays all day for an awesome hold without being stiff.  And the best part is  its also a dry shampoo so it can be put in the next day to absorb all natural oils and keep your style for the next  couple of days. 

#5  Triple Dry:  This is a dry texture spray that is used for a styling aid or a light hair spray hold.  It can be use to pump up the volume or mess up the hair for those beach waves.  This to is great for fine hair as it is not super heavy so it will not weigh the hair down.

    I really hope this was helpful and easy enough to understand.  Myself being in the industry for 18 years I have really learned how to love using a product, and I wanted to keep our top 5 products easy for everyone that either likes a product feel or doesn't.  These products are great used together or separate and can be bought at our store where we are always having a retail sale.  Please feel free to email me with any questions(duotonessalon@gmail.com).  As I continue to  blog a bit more on some beauty secrets I will have a question and answer page as well.  I'm just starting this blog to see how people like this information, I figure that it cant hurt!  Thank you for your time and ill be back soon.

  Yours Truly, 

   Lynn Hanson

   And don't forget to take a deep breath of Hair  :)





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